2019 Trouble Shooter Clinic, the ideal learning environment


2019 Halifax Trouble Shooter Clinic



IMG_20191028_152142_smThe Trouble Shooter Clinic was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from October 28 to November 1, 2019. There was one training schedule with participants divided into three groups depending on their experience level. A one-day parts workshop was also held during this clinic. 37 technicians and 10 parts managers/personnel participated in this event.

Training was provided by: Airxcel Coleman/Mach Air, BAL, Demco, Dexter, Equal-i-zer-, Go Power, and Lippert Components.

IMG_20191028_155035_sm The week-long technician training allotted for much hands-on and in some cases, one-on-one time with the instructor. It was the ideal learning environment. Of course, if you ask the technicians, they will say there is never enough hands-on time. It is very important to learn by seeing and feeling as it triggers muscle memory. No matter how seasoned you are, there is always something new, something different, and something untried. Outside of classroom hours, it is a rare time for technicians to meet others from across the region and engage in open discussions on products, customer concerns and service.

IMG_20191031_103613_smOverall, the participants had a very positive learning experience and look forward to future training opportunities in their region. The common goals for both instructors and participants alike are deepening product knowledge and lessen steps to quickly diagnose the true issue and address accordingly and improve overall repair cycle and send the customer on their next trip.

The participating suppliers are the true hosts of this training event. Together, we are committed to empowering RV apprentices and technicians across the country by bringing technical workshops to their Province.


The 2020 Trouble Shooter Clinic will be held in Calgary, Alberta in a similar time frame. We hope to see you this November!

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