Foundation Program

 Photo courtesy of Okanagan College 


A foundation program provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to enter a trade. Just as in an apprenticeship program, students learn through classroom and hands-on training.

Foundation programs are sometimes referred to as Entry Level or pre-apprenticeship Training program. They cover material related to one or more apprenticeship programs and generally also provide credit towards completion of first level of apprenticeship.

Students do not need an employer/sponsor to participate in the program. In fact, one of the benefits of participating in a foundation program is to gain some experience working in the skilled trades sector. With exposure to skilled trades, it would be easier for the individual to find an employer who will sponsor them for the apprenticeship.

Currently, Okanagan College is the only institution in Canada offering the foundation program for Recreation Vehicle Service Technicians.

Each jurisdiction offers youth apprenticeship programs and these programs can also be perceived as a form of foundation program for those wishing to gain work experience while in high school.