Apprenticeship Registration

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Register the apprenticeship with your Provincial Apprenticeship Authority


Apprenticeship begins by completing an Apprenticeship and Sponsor Registration form(s) and submitting it to the Provincial apprenticeship authority. This is a signed agreement between the employer and the apprentice that specifies the trade in which the apprentice will be trained and provides the information necessary for the Provincial apprenticeship authority to set up the apprenticeship.


British Columbia Industry Training Authority (ITA)


Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)


Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission


Manitoba Apprenticeship


Ontario College of Trades

Registration for non-apprentices (click on non-apprentices tab)

There are two steps in this process of becoming a member for those who are not apprentices. You must first determine whether your trade is classified as compulsory or voluntary under OCTAA. For the RV Technician trade, there is a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) exam available.

Before you fill out the Member Application Form, you must first determine if your trade is classified as a compulsory or voluntary trade. To help you find out the classification of your trade, a list of trades and their classifications is found here. RV Service technician trade is a voluntary trade in Ontario.

What does it mean to practice a voluntary trade?

  • Every trade that is not identified as compulsory is, by default, voluntary. Certification is offered in some voluntary trades, but is not a requirement to practice in the trade.
  • Membership in the College is not required to practise a voluntary trade.

Once you have determined whether your trade is compulsory, voluntary with a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) exam, or voluntary with no C of Q exam, the next step is to determine which class you should apply to; based on the type of documents you have to support your application.

  • In order to hold a valid C of Q in a voluntary trade, use the title “Journeyperson”, say that you are a “certified Journeyperson” or that you have your “Journeyperson ticket” in a voluntary trade, you must be a member of the College.

For more information please visit the Member Application Guide for Non-Apprentice Applicants

Registration for apprentices

You must be a member of the College’s Apprentices Class to work as an apprentice in an Ontario apprenticeship program established by the College.

To be a member, you must hold a Registered Training Agreement with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. For more information on Registered Training Agreements, visit the ministry’s website or call the Employment Ontario Contact Centre (toll-free in Ontario at 1-800-387-5656; at 416-326-5656 in the Toronto area; TTY- service for the hearing impaired: 1-866-533-6339).

Once your training agreement has been registered by the ministry, the first step to becoming a member of the College’s Apprentices Class is to complete a Member Application Form. You can do this by downloading and completing the form or contacting the College.



Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency


New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning

Yukon Apprenticeship

Northwest Territories