Financial Incentives



Benefits for employers to participate in an Apprenticeship


There are many incentives for apprentices to participate in an apprenticeship as well as for employers to hire apprentices:

  • Apprenticeship is a tried and true method of recruiting and maintaining talent.
  • Apprentices become journeypersons with better health and safety performance, greater overall productivity, and fewer mistakes.
  • Apprentices learn from their employers and how business is conducted first hand. That means they learn the dealership culture and the systems in place that best serve the business.
  • A journeyperson who has done their apprenticeship with your organization will be a better fit, and will build good relationships with your customers.
  • Apprentices and employers participating in an apprenticeship program ensure employees are trained to provincial industry standards.
  • Apprentices and employers of apprentices have access to government grants and special financing programs. Red Seal trades have more financing incentives when compared to non-Red Seal trades.
  • An apprenticeship program allows employers to have a pool of experienced workers of different ages to better able to meet future workforce needs.
  • Employers that hire and train apprentices will foster a relationship built on mentorship, growth and personal development. This results in a stable workforce.

There is a strong business case for employers to participate in an apprenticeship program. According to Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s Return on Training Investment research, apprenticeship shows a positive return on investment, for many trades within the first two years. Employers also have the opportunity to develop a new generation of workers with the skills they need, who understand their systems and know their clients. The knowledge passed along from journeyperson to apprentice helps ease the impact of retirements from the skilled trades and ensures employers have skilled employees trained to their own standards. Good apprenticeship experiences create loyal and productive employees, giving businesses a competitive advantage and helping them attract and retain excellent employees. Employers who hire apprentices are running profitable businesses. For every dollar invested in an apprentice, employers receive a return of a $1.47.