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While the apprentice learns both on the job and at school, the employer receives the benefit of an employee whose skill and knowledge increases while they learn a skilled trade.

Sometimes, finding an employer can be a lengthy process.  It can take a while to find a business that is looking for an apprentice, and one that can support you for the length of your apprenticeship. It’s important to remember that some employers may not know much about apprenticeship.  It’s good to know your facts before approaching them, so that you can provide answers to their questions.  Here are some resources that can help you approach employers, from how to establish a program to return on training investment that can be anticipated.

Earning Return on Training Investment

Apprenticeship Basics

Mentoring and retention

A Journeyperson’s guide to apprentice training

The Competitive Advantage: A Business Case for Hiring Women in Skilled Trades and Technical Professions

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