Canadian RV Industry

Recreation vehicles are an iconic sight during Canadian summers as they carry vacationers from coast to coast. This popular pastime has a considerable economic impact; the manufacturing, purchasing, servicing and use of recreation vehicles contributes billions – both directly and indirectly –RVDA Infographic English Final to the Canadian economy each year.

In 2011, the total economic activity associated with the Canadian recreation vehicle industry reached $14.5 billion.

Canadians spent $2.9 billion at RV retailers in 2011, $1.4 billion on storage, insurance and accessories, and they spent $7.0 billion on goods and services as they travelled across Canada, of which $1.2 billion was spent at campgrounds and RV parks.

In sum, direct spending associated with recreation vehicles reached $11.5 billion.

These expenditures generated $8.0 billion in net economic activity (Gross Domestic Product / GDP) and 98,800 jobs.

Moreover, the Canadian RV industry was a significant driver of tax revenues, with total taxes supported by the industry totaling $3.3 billion in taxes on products, taxes on production, and income taxes.

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