Ontario RVDA/TSSA RV2 Propane Course Spring 2018 (Full)

RV2 Certification
The RV2 certificate holder is permitted to perform the following functions on a mobile home, recreational vehicle or trailer under the general supervision of an RV1 certificate holder:
  • Re-light appliances that have been operating in a satisfactory and safe condition.
  • Clean/lubricate appliances.
  • Remove and re-connect propane appliances.
  • Conduct a leak test of the propane system and appliances.
  • Exchange cylinders and replace O rings on the POL fitting.
Under the direct supervision of an RV1, the RV2 certificate holder may perform all of the functions that fall within the scope of an RV1. No one is permitted to work/handle propane, propane containers, piping/tubing, propane appliances or components unless they are certified. The prospective student can observe an RV1 perform specific tasks. The student is not permitted to perform the actual tasks until he/she becomes a certificate holder.
To register or for additional information, contact ORVDA office at 905-659-8800.