What is National Occupational Analysis? (NOA)



Red Seal Standards – National occupational Analysis (NOA)


The NOA (National Occupational Analysis) is a key document for each Red Seal trade. Here are three reasons why you should get to know the NOA for your trade:

  1. Each NOA sets the standard for a Red Seal trade
  2. Red Seal examinations are based on NOA
  3. Provincial and territorial apprenticeship training programs may also be built upon NOA

The NOA outlines everything that a tradesperson needs to know about their trade. This includes:

  • trade activities (tasks and sub-tasks)
  • skills and knowledge requirements
  • essential skills
  • safety information
  • trends affecting the trade
  • technical terms
  • names of tools and equipment
  • acronyms


Structure of Analysis

To facilitate understanding of the occupation, the work performed by tradespersons is divided into the following categories:

  • Blocks: the largest division within the analysis that is comprised of a distinct set of trade activities
  • Tasks: distinct actions that describe the activities within a block
  • Sub-Tasks: distinct actions that describe the activities within a task
  • Key Competencies: activities that a person should be able to do in order to be considered ‘competent’ in the trade

The analysis also provides the following information:

  • Safety: a recognition of how safety-conscious attitudes and work practices are crucial for a healthy, safe and accident-free work environment.
  • Scope of the Trade: an overview of the major activities covered by the trade as well as the work environment, employment options, hazards specific to the trade, key attributes of workers in the trade, overlaps with other trades and areas of specialization
  • Occupational Observations: overview of general trade trends in terms of changing technologies, work techniques, and products and materials
  • Essential Skills: summaries of the requirements in each of the nine essential skills (Reading, Document Use, Writing, Oral Communication, Numeracy, Thinking Skills, Working with Others, Digital Technology and Continuous Learning) taken from the trade’s Essential Skills Profile
  • Trends: specific trends affecting the work in each block of the NOA
  • Related Components: a list of products, items, materials and other elements relevant to the block
  • Tools and Equipment: categories of tools and equipment used to perform all tasks in the block; these tools and equipment are listed in Appendix A
  • Context: information to clarify the intent and meaning of each individual task
  • Required Knowledge: the elements of knowledge that an individual must acquire to adequately perform a task


Recreation Vehicle Service Technician National Occupational Analysis (NOA) 2012

Recreation Vehicle Service Technician


Designation Year:1996

2012 – Occupational Analyses Series

Disponible en français sous le titre :  Mécanicien/mécanicienne de véhicules récréatifs

The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) recognizes this Occupational Analysis as the national standard for the occupation of Recreation Vehicle Service Technician.


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