Technician Programs

This section contains information on educational and training opportunities for RV service technicians and other personnel currently working in the RV industry. For information on apprenticeship programs, please go to Become an apprentice.


British Columbia
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island


RVDA of Alberta works with numerous industry trainers throughout the year to offer training programs for technicians. Training events typically include:


Lippert Components Workshops

April 4-5, 2016 (Calgary) / April 6-7, 2016 (Edmonton)

  • In-Wall Slide-out System: You will learn to identify the components of the Schwintek In-Wall system.
  • Through-Frame Slide-out: You will learn to identify the components of the Hydraulic and Electric Through-Frame Slide-out system.
  • Hydraulic leveling: You will learn to identify the components of the hydraulic leveling system.
  • Electric leveling: You will learn to identify the components of the electric leveling system.
  • Stabilization: You will learn to identify the components of the electric and manual stabilization systems.
  • Electronics: You will learn to identify the components of the Linc Pad and Wireless remotes.

Spader Workshops


Trouble Shooter Clinic (TSC) (2013)

A total of 87 technicians participated in the Calgary TSC from November 4 to 7, 2013.

In partnership with RVIA, RVDA of Alberta, and SAIT Polytechnic, 3 training tracks were offered: Appliances; Power Sources; Running Gear, Hydraulics, Slide-outs & Towing. Trouble Shooter Clinic was created by RVIA more than 10 years ago to offer hands-on training for the latest components and products.

RV technicians learn directly from the instructors familiar with all brands and makes. Technicians also learn important trouble shooting tips from the instructors and from discussions with other seasoned technicians.

This is a highly popular training event. Photos can be seen on RVDA of Canada’s Facebook page.


British Columbia

RVDA of BC typically offers 3 days of hands on and classroom training presented by trainers from component manufacturers.


2016 BC Service Seminar

February 1-3, 2016
Training location: Okanagan College
Training providers: Atwood Mobile Products, Canadian Energy, Demco (Hijacker), Dometic, Suburban



Atwood Mobile Products

Furnaces: A comprehensive course covering both Atwood and Suburban furnaces including specifications, installation and sequence of operation. Course includes the furnace tear down, testing and reassembly.

Water Heaters: A comprehensive course covering both Atwood and Suburban water heaters including specifications, installation and sequence of operation. Course includes the water heater tear down, testing and reassembly.


Dometic Corporation

Air Conditioning

  • New electronic controls (single zone and CCC II)
  • Parts and diagnosis procedures
  • New models


  • New design refrigerators
  • Electronic controls (3 different types to cover)
  • Gas components
  • Testing and Ventilation



  • Tow Bars
  • Baseplates
  • Dinghy wiring
  • Tow Dollies
  • 5th Wheel Hitch towing


Canadian Energy

  • Inverter installations in RVs
  • Inverter charger installations
  • Limitations of high frequency inverters
  • Solar for RV
  • Batteries



Mandatory Propane Certification for Ontario

Certification by Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is mandatory in Ontario for anyone who works with a hydrocarbon (fuel oil, gasoline, natural gas and propane).


RV2 Certification (entry-level)

The RV2 certificate holder is permitted to perform the following functions on a mobile home, recreational vehicle or trailer under the general supervision of an RV1 certificate holder:

  • Re-light appliances that have been operating in a satisfactory and safe condition.
  • Clean/lubricate appliances.
  • Remove and re-connect propane appliances.
  • Conduct a leak test of the propane system and appliances.
  • Exchange cylinders and replace O rings on the POL fitting.

Under the direct supervision of an RV1, the RV2 certificate holder may perform all of the functions that fall within the scope of an RV1. No one is permitted to work/handle propane, propane containers, piping/tubing, propane appliances or components unless they are certified. The prospective student can observe an RV1 perform specific tasks. The student is not permitted to perform the actual tasks until he/she becomes a certificate holder.


RV1 Certification

  • Install, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove:

Any propane consuming non vented, direct vent or power vent appliances installed in a Recreational Vehicle, Mobile Home or Trailer.

Cylinders, regulators, hose and tubing to supply the appliances.

  • The RV1 certificate does not allow you to install, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove:

Any natural gas appliance. You are allowed to convert appliances from natural gas to propane provided they are approved for it.

Any natural draft appliance regardless of where it is installed.

Any underground tubing.

Any propane storage tank that is not part of the vehicle.


How do I register for Propane Training?

Contact the Ontario RVDA office at 905-659-8800 or to register and for any questions you may have.

For RV1 course registrants, a work experience memo (sample) on company letterhead must accompany the completed registration form and payment.


2-day Service Seminar

  • Advance appliance troubleshooting
  • Towing, brake controls, break-away switches and hitches


Spader Workshops


Nova Scotia

Atlantic Propane Certification (currently only recognized in Nova Scotia and PEI)

  • Properties of propane
  • Propane glossary
  • Canadian Standards Association Code Requirements B149
  • Canadian Standards Association Code Requirements Z240
  • Provincial gas code requirements
  • Propane piping systems
  • Gas control systems
  • Principles of combustion
  • Flame characteristics
  • Appliances
  • Wiring schematics
  • Operation and troubleshooting
  • Cylinders and tanks
  • BC gas safety branch unit re-certification


Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Propane Certification (currently only recognized in Nova Scotia and PEI)



RVDA of Saskatchewan regularly offers the following workshops:



Lippert Components

Training is typically held in the months of December, January or February.



Montreal Trouble Shooter Clinic

This clinic was held from November 17 to 21, 2014 in Montreal. The clinic had the maximum capacity of 120 registrations. 3 training tracks were again offered and open to all technicians across North America; Appliances; Power Sources; Running Gear, Hydraulics, Slide-outs & Towing.

This was the first large-scale, advanced technician training held in Quebec. The clinic was also fully bilingual with simultaneous interpretation.

Photos for the 2014 Montreal Trouble Shooter Clinic can be found on the RV Careers Facebook page.

Spader Workshops


The courses listed under this section offer both training modules and online testing.


RVDA-RVIA RV Certified RV Technician Online Certification Preparation (USA)

The online RV technician certification preparation program offers individual self-study training and certification preparation for all sections of the RVDA-RVIA RV Certified RV Technician Career Ladder. The new learning platform is designed to track, train, and prepare RV technicians at all levels to be able to pass a certification exam or to prepare for recertification. All content and testing is online and there is no need for other program materials.

Courses Available:
Registered $89
Certified $249


FRVTA’s Distance Learning Network with Technician Training and Certification Preparation (USA)

Optimized for group instruction with an onsite mentor, FRVTA’s Distance Learning Network (DLN) offers a 40-hour RV Technician Certification Preparation Course. Subscription to the online program includes unlimited access by dealership staff to more than forty 60-minute training sessions, reviews, and test preparation sections. Learners may access the instructional content at any time as directed by their supervisors or mentors. The service textbooks support the program by providing technicians with a print-based reference tool. The textbooks are an important resource for technicians participating in the training.


Northampton Community College Distance Learning Courses (USA)

PRVCA’s RV Technician Distance Learning Program consists of 13 different online courses. Students complete the majority of their assignments, website research, discussion forum, quizzes and exams online. Hands-on assignments, which are monitored by an experienced mentor, are also required. The lessons follow the RVIA service textbooks and these courses qualify for recertification hours. The program is administered by Northampton Community College, a fully accredited institution.  PRVCA members receive a 50% reimbursement on tuition and textbooks upon successful completion of a course.


RV Technician magazine (USA)

RV Technician is emailed six times a year to parts and service professionals. This online publication is a primary source for service technicians and other service department personnel to receive the latest information on training, tech certification, new products, recall listings, customer service tips, safety issues, and advice from industry experts.


RV Training Calendar
Many manufacturers, suppliers and other third parties offer technician training on a variety of products, many of which count toward technician recertification.  The calendar lists events taking place in US, Canada and online.