By meeting all of the completion requirements for the program the apprentice earns journeyperson status. Completion requirements vary by program but typically include a specified number of work-place hours, technical training, assessment exam, and a recommendation for certification by the employer.

Certified tradespeople may obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their trade certificates by successfully completing an interprovincial standards examination. Journeymen holding a valid Certificate of Qualification must apply to write the Red Seal exam.


How do I get my Certificate of Qualification?

An individual wishing to become a certified journeyperson must write a provincial/territorial examination. If s/he passes, a Certificate of Qualification is earned, which means the person can legally work in the trade as a journeyperson. This certification is legally required in provinces/territories where the trade is compulsory. In cases where the trade is voluntary, certification is not required, though it is often viewed as an indication of achievement among employers in the sector. The Ellis Chart indicates which trades have apprenticeship programs and whether the trades are compulsory or voluntary in a particular jurisdiction.