Pathways to Apprenticeship



There are 3 ways to enroll in an apprenticeship. Foremost, apprenticeship begins with registration with your Provincial apprenticeship authority.

If you are in high school you can start your apprenticeship through a youth apprenticeship program.  If you want some basic training in the trade before becoming an apprentice you can enroll in a foundation or pre-apprenticeship program where you will receive credit for first year of apprenticeship upon successful completion. You can also enroll in a formal apprenticeship program and find an employer to sponsor you.

Pre-apprenticeship programs are only offered in certain jurisdictions. These programs help potential apprentices develop their job skills and trade readiness, or simply explore a potential trade. Pre-apprenticeship programs are offered by different organizations, such as colleges, approved apprenticeship deliverers, community agencies, at various times throughout the year.

Pre-apprenticeship programs can include trade readiness, employment preparation and academic upgrading.  Some programs target a specific skill such as math, to help the potential apprentice upgrade skills gaps before registering into a full apprenticeship.


Pathways to apprenticeships in each Province

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