Aqua-Hot Dealer Sales Training


Train Both Sides of Your Business to Drive Profitability

Created specifically for RV dealers: We’ll train both sides of your shop – sales and service – to unlock more profit potential.

Sales Training Program

Why participate in the training program?

  • It will provide the additional in-depth understanding and knowledge of the real value-added comforts and benefits of an Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system for RV owners – aka your buyers.

Sales Team Benefit

  • Increased confidence and comfort in selling the product to your customer – being able to fully explain the added benefits and comfort they’ll receive from having the product.

Dealer Benefit

  • Helps your sales team sell more profitable RVs – RVs with Aqua-Hot heating systems, which will also make for a happier RV owner and sales representative.

To set up on-site dealer sales training or to learn more about the Dealer Sales Training Program,  call 800-685-4298.