Aqua-Hot Product Training


Aqua-Hot Product Training


Four Module Certified Technical Training
This four-module, 9-hour course will provide a complete understanding of the working, installation and service of the range of Aqua-Hot hydronic heat and hot water systems. Upon completion of the course, attendees will graduate as Certified Aqua-Hot Technicians, and will receive RVTI hours. The course is designed for both the Service Technician and OEM. Each module will conclude with an exam.


Module 1 – Product and Operation Training – 4.0 Hours
The basic level module, Module 1 curriculum will provide a thorough overview of the fundamentals of Aqua-Hot hydronic systems. It will include an in-depth examination of all components and how they work together to safely and efficiently create heat and hot water for the coach. Best practices in system installation, set up and plumbing will be also discussed. General troubleshooting and diagnosis will be discussed. This module will conclude with an exam on the topics covered.

  • January 26, 2022


Module 2 – Burner Training – 3.0 Hours
Module 2 curriculum will contain complete training on the three burner types used in Aqua-Hot systems. The first portion of the module will be spent on the diesel burner system from Webasto. Next the Aqua-Hot diesel system will be studied, and finally the Aqua-Hot propane burner system. Topics of discussion will include the internal workings of the complete systems, troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair of the combustion component of the system. Module 2 will conclude with an exam on the burner types and topics covered to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

  • February 23, 2022


Module 3 – Annual Maintenance Training – 1.75 Hours
Annual maintenance is a key aspect in the longevity and proper function of the Aqua-Hot hydronic systems. The curriculum in Module 3 will cover the range of annual preventive maintenance recommended for Aqua-Hot systems. Best practices will be discussed, the performance of preventive maintenance and how to proactively conduct a thorough examination of the system to ensure optimal performance and a problem free season for the RV owner. Module 3 will conclude with an exam on topics covered.

  • March 23, 2022


Module 4 – Maximizing the Benefits of Your Aqua-Hot Certified Technician Status – 1 hour
Module 4 will wrap up the coursework and take some time to review and ensure all participants have questions answered. The benefits of becoming an Aqua-Hot Certified Technician will be covered, including product discounts, how the certification stays with you should you change employers, the package of items you will be receiving. Also covered will be the promotion assistance provided by Aqua-Hot for Certified Technicians. The training will culminate with a final exam, the passing of which will count toward the RVTI credit.

  • April 27, 2022


200 Series Training – 4 hours (presented in two, 2-hour sessions)
This is a complete and comprehensive program covering the hydronic heating principles and design used in the Aqua-Hot 200 series systems. Designed for the RV technician at any level, the course will include details on each of the elements used in an Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system, how each of the elements work together, and how to translate that knowledge into quick and effective systems diagnostics. Curriculum will include a wide range of repairs, best practices and preventative maintenance. The course will instruct on both diesel and LP gas systems.


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