Evolving Consumption Trends In Inflationary Times Webinar


Evolving Consumption Trends In Inflationary Times Webinar


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[WEBINAR] CHATS 2023: Evolving Consumption Trends in Inflationary Times

In the upcoming release of the 9 th edition of Canada CHATS 2023, Ipsos mark the continued investigation of Canadians’ consumption habits focused on the evolving social context of eating, diversifying lifestyle beliefs, and shifting situational dynamics.

Join Ipsos’ Kathy Perrotta for a complimentary webinar as she highlights some of the environmental forces:

  • Home Habits: Cooking/Baking Rates, Preparation Dynamics, Shopping Shifts
  • The Foodservice Rebound: Channel Update, Role of the Menu, Value Importance
  • Social Consumption Context: Solo or Social, Conversation and Connection, Special Occasion Landscape
  • Triggers and Tensions: Value Importance, Movement Rates, Exploration and Experience
  • Convenience Essentials: Power of the Pantry, Planned vs. Impulse, Fast Formats
  • Focus and Function: Label Reading, ESG Focus, Food Technology
  • Health My Way: Physical and Emotional Well-being, Other Metabolic Factors, Specialized Eating Regimes