RV Careers

Photo courtesy of RV-Pro Magazine
Photo Courtesy of RV Pro Magazine


Recreation Vehicles (RVs) range from the basic tent trailer to the incredibly luxurious motorhomes and travel trailers. Not only do they offer comforts of everyday living, gas, electricity, LED lighting, centrally-controlled heating and cooling systems and additional living space at a push of a button, the boundaries are constantly pushed to meet the needs of modern travellers. Full size fridge, washer and dryer, indoor and outdoor kitchen and 3+ TVs is all possible!

Imagine working with RVs on a daily basis! Sales Consultants would approach customers and assess their travel and lifestyle necessities and make recommendations based on the customer’s needs and wishes. For customers that have made their selection and proceeded to the purchasing stage, the business manager would assist with financing options and offer extended service agreements and other insurance plans for additional peace of mind and prepare for delivery. Prior to delivery of this RV, the RV would undergo a complete “detailing” process that involves a team of people. The Walkthrough Coordinator would work closely with the Sales and Service Managers to prepare for the final delivery. Work would begin with the detailing team to fully inspect for any deficiencies and spiff and shine the interior and exterior of the RV. Any defects are reported then the RV service technician or the RV apprentice would inspect the deficiency reported and repair where necessary. The RV service technician or the Walkthrough Coordinator would then thoroughly inspect all the appliances to ensure they are in good working order prior to signing off for final delivery. On the day of delivery, the vehicle sales order and other documentation would be completed and signed. The Walkthrough Coordinator would then spend anywhere from 1 to 3 hours with the customer on how to enjoy their RV and sometimes giving some driving tips. Once the sale is completed, paper work is forwarded to the accounting department for data entry.

There is a lot that happens from the sale of the unit to the actual delivery, not to mention the service after the delivery. As you can see, there are definitely many opportunities available as long as you have a passion for working with RVs and enjoying the great outdoors.

Recreation Vehicle Service Technician trade deserves special mention since there is no other skilled trade like it. The RV Service Technician works on all the components, appliances, electrical, plumbing and numerous systems that are found in the RV with the exception of the engine. This requires knowledge in at least 14 different trade areas! Here are the various trade knowledge required:

Air Conditioning


Electrical Systems

LP Gas


Slide-out and Levelling Systems


Chassis & Undercarriages


Mechanical Systems

Sheet Metal

Brakes Systems



Plumbing Systems


The Recreation Vehicle Service Technician trade is a designated trade under the Red Seal program. A designated trade indicates that training and certification process is based on national standards and interprovincial qualifications enable journeypersons to work anywhere in Canada without writing additional exams. There are also many advantages to be in a Red Seal trade, notably, federal grants that are only available to apprentices in Red Seal trades.