What Are Skilled Trades?


The skilled trades play an important role in our economy and our society. Approximately 1 in 5 employed Canadians work in the skilled trades in many sectors of the Canadian economy including construction, manufacturing, service and automotive. In 2015, 76% of apprentices who successfully completed their program were working in one of 56 Red Seal trades.

Trades continue to evolve as technology advances. Skilled trade workers are like any worker, they need to continue to upskill to keep up with current technology found in modern Recreation Vehicles.


Why choose a career in the skilled trades sector?

  • Availability of apprenticeships where an individual learns first hand from a professional while working on the job
  • Combination of in-school and on-the-job training approach maximizes learning in real world situations
  • You can complete an apprenticeship within 3 years.
  • Work and skill-specific training where graduates immediately secure jobs
  • Better starting wages compared to non-trade starting jobs with better long term earning potential
  • Involves a high degree of diagnostic and problem solving skills while working under pressure
  • According to Skills Canada, the average annual salary for a skilled tradesperson is 25 per cent higher than the average Canadian wage.
  • Research from Statistics Canada reported that between 2000 and 2011, the average weekly wages of full-time workers aged 25 to 34 with trades certificates grew by 14%, while bachelor degree holders saw their wage growth slow to 1%.
  • Government of Canada offers many financial assistance programs such as the Canada Apprentice loan offering interest-free loans to help registered apprentices with the cost of their training. Apprentices registered in a Red Seal trade apprenticeship can apply for interest-free loans up to $4,000 per period of technical training. Interest charges and repayment of the Canada Apprentice Loan will not begin until after loan recipients complete or terminate their apprenticeship training program.
  • There are financial incentives for apprentices who complete various stages within an apprenticeship program for a designated Red Seal trade.
  • Proven job satisfaction and security