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The RV Tech Week is celebrated annually from June 1st through 8th to bring more awareness to the RV Service Technician trade and how their work contributes to enabling more Canadians to enjoy the great outdoors in their RVs.

Throughout the RV Tech Week, we will take everyone on a journey to learn about the skills and competencies needed, as well as what attracted many aspiring men and women to choose this trade.

RV Service Technicians and apprentices are an integral part of every RV retail business. They work diligently behind the scenes. When they interact with clients, they show great compassion and vows to work quickly and efficiently to get them back on the road. Their broad and ever-increasing list of skills is a testament to their curiosity and hard work.

We salute all the RV Service Technicians for helping to create many fond memories for RVing families.

In order to practice and excel in this trade, this individual must be creative, likes to challenge oneself and be challenged, enjoys working in different environments and have an open mindset that the learning never stops as technology continues to evolve.

We would like to invite everyone to discover their inner RV tech.

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Here are some facts about the Recreation Vehicle Service Technician trade:

FACT: RV Service Technician is a recognized Red Seal trade in all Canadian Provinces. The Red Seal program is the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in Canada.

In many cases, achieving trade certification in a Red Seal trade is equivalent to a post-secondary degree with the tremendous knowledge, skills and experience acquired on the job.

FACT: Apprentices will learn over 14 skilled trades under the one, RV service technician trade over a 3-year, (8-week) block release program.

FACT: RV Service Technician troubleshoot, repair and service EVERYTHING in the RV except the engine.

We take great pride in the work of RV Service Technicians! This RV Tech Week, from June 1 to 8, we invite you to share your stories with us on our social channels @RVCareers and @rv.careers#RVTechWeek #RVCareers #RVTechs

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