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Skilled Trades are important for our economy

Skilled trade and technology sectors are important for our2 economy with abundant career opportunities for young Canadians. In our  2020 Economic Impact of the Canadian Recreation Vehicle Industry study, it revealed a majority of the contribution occurs after the initial RV purchase. More specifically, expenditures associated with RV ownership and use account for 78% of the total value added to the Canadian economy.


NSTTW 2021 graphics (1)Stigma and simply not knowing the availability of career opportunities in skilled trades continue to leave many vacancies unfilled. To raise more awareness, the RV industry has collaborated with organizations such as Skills/Compétences Canada to facilitate a variety of skilled trades activities to offer more insight into skilled trade career options. Collectively, we hope to engage more business and political leaders in discussions about the importance of these careers for our country, to focus media attention on these careers and to highlight those individuals that pursued skilled trade career paths.



To recognize the technicians that keep the Recreation Vehicle (RV) industry moving, the first week in June has been designated as RV Tech Week. This year, we’ll be celebrating from June 5 to 9, 2023. It is a commemorative event to celebrate the hard work and commitment of the industry’s service technicians. The week-long celebration will also help raise awareness to and attract potential workers to find rewarding careers in the RV sector.

According to a 2021 study by Royal Bank of Canada, a staggering 700,000 skilled trades people are expected to retire by 2028. The rate of skilled labour exit will outpace new apprentices entering the skilled trades sector and put further strains on the economy. In the same study, it was revealed that there will be a 10,000-worker deficit in 56 nationally recognized Red Seal trades over the next five years. The skilled trades’ sector is in dire need of new entrants.

Since the start of the pandemic, the RV industry has seen unprecedented demand as many discovered the flexibility and safety that the RV lifestyle is able to offer. 600,240, a record number of wholesale units, were produced in 2021; which is an astonishing 19% increase from the year prior. With surging RV sales, there comes more demands for service operations.

The RV industry is constantly evolving and adjusting to ever-increasing demands. Advanced recreation vehicle technologies and quick adaptation to parts and component shortages, RV service technicians are faced with mounting challenges. As a highly specialized trade where technicians need to have knowledge in over 14 different trade areas, aptitude for strong diagnostic skills and desire for further specialized training defines the current generation of RV service technicians.

RV Tech Week recognizes the pressures and challenges placed on the RV service technicians. By applauding their efforts to help more RVers enjoy the RV lifestyle, we aim to retain skilled technicians and to recruit more talented individuals to join the industry.


Purpose of RV Tech Week

  • Introduce the specialized, RV service technician trade to the public
  • Encourage the public to explore and consider a career as a RV service technician
  • Reinforce the value and professionalism of RV service technicians to the RV industry and to the public
  • Provide recognition to RV service technicians for excellence in their work
  • Acknowledge dealers for hiring and educating RV service technicians
  • Highlight the importance of working with certified RV professionals

Who are RV Service Technicians?

RV Service Technicians and apprentices are an integral part of every RV retail business. They work diligently behind the scenes. When they interact with clients, they show great compassion and vow to work quickly and efficiently to get them back on the road. Their broad and ever-increasing list of skills is a testament to their curiosity and hard work.

We salute all the RV Service Technicians for helping to create many fond memories for RVing families.

RV Service Technician is a Red Seal trade. A Red Seal endorsement signifies that a technician has met the national standard in their trade and equipped with the knowledge and necessary skills to practice in their trade across Canada.

Through the 3-year apprenticeship, apprentice RV Service Technicians acquire knowledge in the following trade areas:

In order to practice and excel in this trade, this individual must be creative, likes to challenge oneself and be challenged, enjoys working in different environments and have an open mindset that the learning never stops as technology continues to evolve.




Here are some facts about the Recreation Vehicle Service Technician trade:

FACT: RV Service Technician is a recognized Red Seal trade in all Canadian Provinces. The Red Seal program is the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in Canada.

In many cases, achieving trade certification in a Red Seal trade is equivalent to a post-secondary degree with the tremendous knowledge, skills and experience acquired on the job.

FACT: Apprentices will learn over 14 skilled trades under the one, RV service technician trade over a 3-year, (8-week) block release program.

FACT: RV Service Technician troubleshoot, repair and service EVERYTHING in the RV except the engine.

We take great pride in the work of RV Service Technicians! This RV Tech Week, from June 5 to 9, we invite you to follow and share your stories with us on our social channels @RVCareers and @rv.careers#RVTechWeek #RVCareers #RVTechs

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